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Put Disney's Dinosaur in Kingdom Hearts III

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Disney's Dinosaur is a marvelous film that has great morals that would tie itself in greatly with the themes of Kingdom Hearts. The Lion King World, the Pride Lands, featured in Kingdom Hearts II proved popular for its unique gameplay involving Sora & co. turning into four legged animals to control. A Dinosaur themed World would follow suit in gameplay style, not to mention that as Kingdom Hearts III (and likely all the games onwards) will have a new techonology of shading to make the graphics more realistic. As  Dinsoaur was made with realistic looking graphics (combined with real locations), the world would look amazing. It would be similar to the Pride Lands, but unlike the repetiveness of the worlds often used in past KH games, this would would be a new experience while still being familiar to players in the style of gameplay, which is ideally what should have happened for some of the repeated worlds used in previous games: Make a similar world instead of just rehashing the exact same world over and over again.  Sora, or the protagonist can learn about survival, and elaborating on standing up for the misfits, which has been done before, but this will be more direct and emotional. The world would add an overall darker and intense tone to go with the growning up discussed by the KH producer with regards to the tone and story of the game. Dinosaur Dream Eaters, and even some Heartless have been done; the enemeis of Kingdom Hearts are supposed to resemble monsters, and the main antagonist of Dinosaur, the Carnotaurs, are quite wicked looking and would make a great reference for the original enemies, as would the velociraptors, also making awsome boss fights! 

Sora/the progatonist could become an iguanadon (there have been lots of Deviant Art designs of Sora looking like this), Donald, a ptearasaur, Goofy a turtle like he did in the Pride Lands, or maybe a triceratops/pachyrhinosarus/styracosaurs. He would also make for a good Stygimoloch. One KH fan posted that a Heartless  resembling a T-Rex could be an optional boss; Aladar would be an ally, with Bruton being a temporary Ally like Riku in Monstro (KH1), perhaps there could be two world allies for once.  


Not necessarily for Kingdom Hearts III, Dinosaur would make a great addition to franchise. 

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