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George Lucas back to the Star Wars movies

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Bring back George Lucas for the Star Wars movies. Put the Father of the franchise as director of at least one more episode. We really want this, please.

The Episode 9 is scheduled for release in 2019 and director Colin Trevorrow probably already working with Rian Johnson to make the connection between Episodes 8 and 9. So we changed a little bit the petition, but the main idea remains the same.

We want George Lucas as director of another film in the franchise, even if the next trilogy. The Episodes 10, 11 and 12, or what is being planned for after Episode 9. 
This would be the perfect way to make an epic farewell and a wonderful tribute between the father of Star Wars and the whole universe of the galaxy far, far away.... With the genius mind, the stories and the fantastic imagination that the Master of the Force has.

We would like to see him again involved with the franchise. Thank you so much.

I apologize for possible clerical errors in the text. I confess that I am using the help of a machine translator.

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