Justice For Jhessica Freitas

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Jhessica was a brazilian au pair living in NY. She worked for the same family from Jan 2010 to 2012. After the au pair program she decided to stay and study in a local community college.

On April 1st, 2012, Jhessica was found dead inside her closet at her host family's house. The police told her family that Jhessica had hanged herself to death. After only 3 days, the police was sure it was a suicide case but her family doesn't believe in that theory. 

She was not depressed, there was no suicide note and some facts made her family upset: the host family donated some of Jhessica's personal belongings (without her parents' permission) and the host father also suggested to her family that he could pay for a cremation service even though her parents never mentioned they would cremate the body. Her parents wanted to take Jhessica's body back to Brazil so her father went to the US to deal with this whole process.

After one year, an autopsy was made in Brazil and it revealed doxylamine in her blood, a chemical known for its powerful sedative properties. The presence of doxylamine alone caused a forensic medical expert to question whether Jhessica wasn't sedated first and then hanged. 

Jhessica's parents have no idea what happened to her after her last call. She didn't txt them back for 3 days (which was weird because they would talk a lot even with the distance). They think they didn't get enough answers with this investigation. Since then, her family have been fighting for justice and a fair investigation into the case.

We won't forget Jhessica's case! #fightforJhess

More information: https://fightforjhess.wixsite.com/fightforjhess/learn-more-about-jhessicas-case