Disbar , NYC Divorce Lawyer, for Sexually Assaulting & Abusing Clients

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I am writing this petition to make everyone aware of sexual abuse against women in our society and the consequences of silencing victims while protecting powerful abusers. With the #MeToo Movement, it is obvious our society has protected the supporters of violence and harassment and this needs to change. New York City is currently protecting a sexual predator, harasser and (based on news reports) a rapist, which is why I'm starting this petition, addressed to the New York Bar Association, asking that predatory divorce attorney   is held accountable for his actions and brought to justice according to the Bar bylaws to the fullest extent possible.

I hired   to help me through a horrible divorce. It was the most difficult time of my life and I was financially and emotionally empty. I was very worried about the future of my two children and I was looking for someone who could help me get out of the nightmare I was in. The night before our first court date, he asked to meet me at 7 PM at his office, which was empty. I had a full work day and couldn't take off anyway so I agreed. He told me the entire retainer I paid him was used up and I owed him more. He said that my case was expensive but he had a plan to represent me for free if I were to "go on dates" with him and "put out" (his exact words). I said no thanks! The next day in court   showed up late and seemed to not know any details of my case. I dumped him that day and got another lawyer by borrowing money from my dad, but the damage was done and the next lawyer had to spend time and money fixing things. An attorney who manipulates and coerces women, and maybe men too, should not be allowed to practice family law.

Divorce is an emotional and vulnerable time and anyone going through this process deserves respect and care. To the New York Bar: it is your job to police your lawyers. Please don't let your many fine decent and honorable members be damaged by the presence of a sleazy sexual predator. Please protect men and women from the   types of the world, the kind of people who should not be connected to your association.

Hold Attorney   accountable for his sexual harassment and misconduct. A divorce attorney should not be allowed to abuse his power like this. Please investigate   & Associates, P.C. and prevent other victims from being abused. It's time to speak out and make a change.