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Immediate Govt. regulation change regarding recreational Rc flying

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The present rules of DGCA aptly bars people from recreational flying....this is a violation of or rights. However in order to counter the defense problem the solutions are as follows: 1. Aim – to learn aerodynamics, theory of flight, research in field of aviation and flying maneuvers to participate in competitions or to undertake as a hobby, Promote Education /Research and To inculcate air mindedness amongst the youth. 2. Age – no limit 3. Type of model aircraft – single / multi- rotor or fixed wing of any dimension 4. Max weight – up to 30 kilos 5. Flying envelope – within visual range of pilot flying and within the confines of the area permitted for carrying out such exercise. Vertical limit up to max 500ft AGL 6. Payload – camera and recording equipment or any other payload onboard of a Model Aircraft while conduction recreational / hobby flying is not permitted. 7. Hours of operation only between sunrise and sunset 8. Met conditions for operations – min. Visibility of 3000 Meters and wind speed of 20 knots. Ceiling not lower than 500ft 9. Pilots must be certified by an expert to maintain minimum safety . 10. The General meet of pilots must be notified to the authorities. 11. Autonomous flying not permitted, the model Aircraft will not have any sensors / GPS / RTL / or other equipments that lets the model fly without control inputs from the pilot, unless proper permissions cleared. The free flights Model Aircrafts do not have any radio control. Any device to prevent the model from crashing in case of battery or RF link failure is permitted. 12. Not to be conducted over restricted, prohibited, danger areas, military cantonments, security installations and protected monuments as notified from time to time. 13. International operations across the territory over water shall be strictly prohibited & 50 Kms from the international borders. 14. No flying shall be permitted so as to be in conflict of safe conduct of operations in the vicinity including approach paths and departure paths of operational airports, except when authorized. Any violations of this rule will attract severest of punishments including but not limited to imprisonment. 15. Any kind of powered or unpowered model aircrafts can be used for recreational flying. 16. Use of only de-licensed frequency band as notified by WPC from time to time. 17. Dropping of any kind while performing recreational flying is prohibited. 18. Import of model aircrafts, their spares, parts and accessories, by individuals / clubs / institutions / body, should be permitted without any restrictions or conditions of approval from DGCA, in accordance to the Import Trade Control policies as existing or maybe modified time to time.

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