#BanAGGP permanently from Warframe Creator Program

#BanAGGP permanently from Warframe Creator Program

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Ban AGGP started this petition to Tencent (Tencent Holdings Ltd) and

Many Warframe Players and Partners have been unjustly punished by the Management Team, but AGGP toxic behavior violates not only many guidelines that ignored but also responsible for the whole DE staff team of terrible management for 7 years of advocate aggressive political violence, doxxing innocent player, harassing content creators who aren't fit for his own view.

AGGP also known as Rob has many shady connections to Digital Extreme to disturbed the community. He is the person behind the Fostnator Ban on during the 2016 US election, AGGP apparently got a former Guide of The Lotus (volunteers that helped new players) "Fostinator" kicked out for having different political opinions. Threaten Quiette Shy and encouraged his followers on twitter to gun down people with opposing political viewpoints from his own

On February 2nd 2018, Reddit User name LordOfErebus first hand experienced constant toxic behavior from AGGP, which not surprisingly DE ignore the complaints for years purposely.

Consistently toxic behaviour from Warframe Partner going seemingly unpunished and publically unaddressed for years by Digital Extremes despite report(s) to DE staff

His message to AGGP

DE swept the complaint under the rug

On Feb 23, 2018, a video by Youtuber and Warframe Partner "Rahetalius" called out Warframe's SJW Chat Moderators. AGGP was mentioned in it at the 20-minute mark, due to him chimping out over a Twitch comment, accusing him of bigotry solely due to that.


AGGP constant harassment towards the player and forced DE to create a useless mod called "Ironclad Flight" just to appease his own greed.

On June 5th, 2020, DogmanDan was removed from the partner program by AGGP and his band of friends. https://twitter.com/NightOwlsGaming/status/1268633963905589250?s=20

AGGP has harassed many people for 7 years to find a way to do ban unjustly and violate many terms of service that deserved to be banned permanently.


More Evidence of his violation of Warframe and Twitch's Terms of service: 

According to AGGP's (now deleted) Tweets

AGGP harass another Warframe Partner who is also a LGBT



We have nothing against LGBT community nor other minorities, but the toxic reputation of the person that fully ties and collab with DE management team by refuse to listen to the player base is what truly hurts the development content drought worse for everyone.

Rebecca, Megan, Danielle, Steve, and many other community staff members who are reading this: Don't be afraid of mainstream media's political correctness, they don't care for the player base and they are censoring like what AGGP did for their own gain, It's a far cry how DE corrupt by greed and mainstream media that drove many people away.

If anyone wants to provide more evidence, please contact my twitter DM: https://twitter.com/PlayBugframe


Although DE will do nothing about this petition, the purpose of this petition is to share this evidence and archive for his past and possible current action has hurt the Warframe Community. So let's keep the petition going for people to aware.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!