#PotholesRforever -अमर होने का वरदान

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Adaraneeya Mukhya Mantri ji,

Sub: Koi Bhi Kuch Nahin Kar Sakta, Yeh Hai Potholes Ka Satta

By this time, we are sure, your attention has been drawn the havoc being caused by potholes in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

This is not today’s problem. Every monsoon comes with a series of woes and potholes are number 1.

Vehicles breakdown. Passengers’ spines break. And many people die. Yet the successive governments seem to have done precious little to solve the nagging problem of potholes.

People in general tend to get the feeling that VIPs do not get to experience potholes. Potholes are covered, though temporarily, to facilitate smooth driving of VIPs.

Potholes appear to return with vengeance once the VIP movement gets over.

Then we see pothole repairs on a war footing just before the Ganeshotsav as the authorities do not want to risk the breaking of Ganesh idols.

No one cares for the people.

Diamonds may lose shine or even disappear like Koh-i-Noor. But potholesRforever. Nobody dare do anything about them.

We are not going to appeal to you. We only request you to travel on the roads like a commoner. Do come to Sion-Panvel Highway where the travel time rises dramatically by one hour to two hours during the monsoon. People living in Navi Mumbai do  not suffer much as they know how to avoid the highway and wend their way through lanes and by-lanes. It’s the people travelling from Mumbai towards Pune and the south who suffer, cursing the government. Wish one of your ministers/MLAs travels on this route and experiences the trauma.

Looking forward to seeing your convoy on Sion-Panvel Highway, without the temporary filling of potholes!