Save La Pointe Green Field from development!

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New plans have been submitted to build 6 houses on the pleasant triangular field opposite the Alliance industrial estate on Braye Road.  This site is an oasis for nature in the suburban sprawl in the area.

  The proposed development will remove 36 mature trees, 78% of what is there now. It will replace a pretty green field typical of the Vale landscape with bulky semi-detached houses with concrete drives and paved areas, increasing the risk of flooding in a known flood-prone area. 

New vehicle entrances will be created near blind bends & junctions, increasing the likelihood of road traffic accidents.  There are no visitor parking spaces so visitors will invariably abandon their cars in the surrounding area.

The proposed 2&3 bed houses are un-affordable for most first-time buyers (£425-550k).  The site is bordered by numerous listed buildings whose setting is important, and whose amenity will be reduced.

This site should not be developed whilst brownfield sites like Leale's yard remain undeveloped!

Development of this site is not needed, and will not enhance the area. Since 2013, 94 dwellings have been built or had permission approved in the Braye road area.  It's madness to add to the increased traffic they're causing.

  If you agree you should sign this petition, lobby your Deputies for an Open Planning Meeting, and most importantly, put in representations to the Development & Planning Authority before the consultation period ends on the 24th July!

email quoting reference FULL/2019/1336

Do it now before it's too late for this little bit of the island we love and care about!