20 artists facing evacuation in Toronto

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Dear friends, colleagues and art supporters,

As you know there is a housing crisis in the city of Toronto and affordable housing and studios for artists are particularly at risk. Our situation is URGENT.

The artists/tenants of the building at 17 Paton Road in Bloordale are facing an evacuation order from the City of Toronto. This is due to fire code violations. Our building is home to about twenty art professionals including Nadia Belerique, Alex Durlak, Eli Langer, Katie Pretti, Jenine Marsh, Jennifer Murphy, Tony Romano, claude wittmann, Dorota Dziong among others. 

Our landlords and tenant’s association have been working together to remedy this situation, and up until now we have had the support of our councilor and Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão. .

Despite our efforts and appeared support from our Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão, including towards trying to convince our senior landlords to transfer ownership of the building to the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT), we were given a 60-day evacuation notice.  The tenants have a meeting this Tuesday with her and her Chief Building and Chief Fire at City Hall where we will request more time to resolve the fire code violation and secure our housing. 

We are asking for your support. Please sign our petition, adding your name to the list of advocates for affordable housing for artists in the hopes the City of Toronto urgently consider our ideas for staying in the building. We have lost too many buildings that serve as homes and studios to artists in the city already.

The tenants will bring all notes and letters of support to their meeting at City Hall on Tuesday. You can send them your note of support before tonight at 17patonroadtenants@gmail.com.

- the tenants of 17 Paton Road