Save Vaccine depot the source of our oxygen☘️

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Vaccine depot homes tons of flora and fauna. Its home to so many birds. The people of Belgaum find solace in this beautiful place. Most of all its a rich resource of oxygen and helps curb the increasing polution in the city. Its the pillar that keeps the city of Belgaum environmentally strong. 

A heritage park and landscaping of vaccine depot as proposed by the government will destroy the trees and the habitat . It goes without saying that this will have a huge adverse effect on the increasing summer temperatures in the city. 

The city has already faced a lot of tree felling owing to wider roads and the so called development. 

Instead of having a heritage park , we could plant more trees in the space left in vaccine depot.

Stop tree felling. Stop the Heritage park. Stop destroying the nature and please acknowledge climate change.

Leave Vaccine Depot and the trees alone.Don't touch them. Please :'(