Make Graduation Robes Free for the DePaul Class of 2021

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Over this past year, DePaul's class of 2021 has paid tuition in full for a subpar online education. 

Now, after months of this with very few resources and very little help from the University, graduating seniors are being told that they have to buy their graduation robes for a ceremony that will also be online. 

Currently, DePaul's Website lists the following options for graduates:

  • Bachelor Package $66.98 plus tax
  • Master Package $100.98 plus tax
  • Doctor Package $124.98 plus tax

Shipping cost are: 

  • Domestic Shipping $7.95
  • International Shipping $19.95

It is insulting that we are expected to make this purchase after a year of difficulty and, for some students, varying degrees of trauma. 

After the way that the class of 2020 was treated by DePaul with their graduation last year, the previous class deserves a reimbursement as well, but I digress. 

DePaul ought to make graduation robes free to anyone in the graduating class that wants them as a gesture of goodwill, appreciation, and acknowledgement.