Driving Instructors Deserve Help Also

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All of the driving instructor's of the UK want to know what is going to happen with driving tests. We have been kept in the dark, and have no way to plan our finances and our business costs with uncertainty due to the CoronaVirus outbreak. What little work is left, will wither away when learners hear of the closure of the theory test centres and the driving test centres across the UK. We are appealing for a 'rescue package' to help alleviate the burden on 40,000 ADI's across the UK. 

There are many ADI's contracted into franchises for cars that still have to pay, car insurances to pay for, mortgages and alike! Many ADI's being the sole earner of households and single parents that now can't work due to the Carona Virus Outbreak and school closures. We do NOT want to be the 'forgotten' group of people/businesses with no prospects of retaining our reputations, credit ratings and income. We NEED to act now! We have rights and serve our communities and the wider public! We are an integral part of the Department of Transport and exist to provide road safety to our clients which ultimately saves lives. We matter. Please sign this petition as a united community has a voice!