For the cancellation of the 2nd PUC English Examination 2020

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This is concerning the Second PUC English Examination which was to be held on 23rd March and due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been postponed to June 18th. 

This petition is for the cancellation of the examination. We request the concerned authorities to take all the students into consideration who may not be able to attend the examination. The cases do not seem to cease at all and increases day by day hence increasing our chances of exposure to the virus. Even with the safety procedures, we cannot ensure the non-transmission of the disease and lakhs of students and faculty members are at risk. Let us not forget those who are away from the State or out of reach and are facing difficulty to appear for the exam. 

Earlier, the Board was keen on conducting the examination and hence the students were informed very late of the news of postpone of the exam (the evening before the date of examination). This information was abrupt and created panic among students especially those who are not the natives of this State and had to return home.

We plead the authorities to pardon all the students from this exam and to give us grace marks fairly to make up for our total marks as we are all disturbed by the uncertainties that lie in the future during this pandemic and hence we cannot expect things to go smoothly by June 18th and if the date may require be postponed further it'll be a burden on the students and the teachers and cause stress and add on to their frustrations.

Please relieve us from the worry of writing our examination by cancelling it. Students and their families  are worried about their health but they are compelled to write this examination as it is their board examination. 

Each one of us have our own priority that is to take care of ourselves, many are still trying to go back to their homes but are stuck here because of the exams and many are trying their level best to leave the safety of their homes and risk traveling from other states to Karnataka to appear for the exam.

Everyone has to take a risk!  It might be convenient and feasible for many but let's not forget those who may have to pay the price! 

Please sign this petition asking the PU Board to  cancel the mentioned  exam and grant grace marks to the students or to come up with any other means which would be fair to all the students. 

Kindly note that this is just a humble plea, we wish the PU Board to acknowledge and act on. We do not wish to create any dispute among others who may disagree with this petition instead we ask them to empathize with the ones stuck in a dilemma.