Launch an Investigation into Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

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Article and Transcript of Tara Reade’s Interview and Accusation

The 2020 election is important to everyone. The Democrats are rushing to nominate their best candidate to go against Trump. This has blinded them from their own moral obligations. Tara Reade has described a traumatic incident that allegedly occurred in 1993 involving Joe Biden. She has accused him of sexual assault, yet barely anyone is talking about it and NOBODY is investigating her claim. 

Sexual Assault is terrible and sadly it happens to a lot of people. We woke up during the Me Too movement. And we need to make sure every predator knows that they will be taken down no matter who they are. But it all starts with an investigation. 

Joe Biden has a history of inappropriately touching women. Does that make him a rapist? No. But that does offer some credibility to Tara Reade’s accusation. We need to investigate or we are telling every survivor that if their attacker is well liked, they don’t matter. 

We don’t need to just believe all women. We need to believe survivors enough to investigate. Because if we don’t, real victims fall through the cracks and predators continue to attack.