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Anti-hazing in the Philippines

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        Life must be treasured.Life must be given importance because it is holy and as well as our body. It is all over the news lately that hazing is dominant in our country especially those in the Higher Institutions Universities. I know all of us are familiar to the word Fratertinity. , in order to be part of the group there must be a task or harassment that will be given to the new member who is willing to risk his life. And the most common way is Hazing. Hazing refers to the preactive of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment and abuse used as a way of initiating a person into a group. However, they are doing it in the most brutal way they can think of, brutally in the sense that the new member's body must be in pain and must tolerate each harassment. But by doing so, a life is wasted. There are those who ended up in their own coffins and given that the body have been beaten brutally, their body was not given respect. There are cases that justice wasn't prevailed and the family of the person were still fighting for justice like in the case of Horatio 'atio' Castillo, a freshman Law student who died because of hazing. 

        We can't change the fact the there are advantages and disadvantages of being part of organizations like Fraternities. 

  • Friendship
  • Community Involvement
  • Finding a career after school
  • Connections
  • Power

       However the disadvantages is that someone's life is taken and wasted. We must promote respect to save one's life and abide in the Anti-hazing law in the Philippines.

       Save life, Fight for life, and Protect life. 

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