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End Change4Life links to Nestlé and Danone and formula retailers


The Department of Health for England and Wales should immediately end its so-called partnerships with Nestlé and Danone in its Change4Life health education campaign due to unacceptable conflicts of interest.

The Department of Health is linking with formula manufacturers Nestlé (SMA brand) and Danone (Aptamil and Cow & Gate brands) and retailers such as Tesco and Asda in its Change4Life health education initiative. These "partnerships" do not promote formula, but do create conflicts of interest as the Department of Health should be taking action over irresponsible marketing practices by these companies. The Change4Life website page also promotes Nestlé's Pure Life bottled water, which is inappropriate. The page refers to Nestlé sponsorship of the London Marathon, which is the target of protests.

It is welcome that the Start4Life, which provides education on infant and young child health, does not accept sponsorship or partnerships with companies involved in breastmilk substitutes, such as Nestlé and Danone. This strong stand should also apply to Change4Life.

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