Voice your opposition to the River Club BAR - preserve environment and heritage

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The River Club site is unique heritage and environmentally sensitive riverine area, threatened by a outsized, inappropriate development, which negates the history of resistance by indigenous Khoi peoples in the area and the deep cultural and spiritual links that they hold with the valley. It will also result in the destruction of a precious part of our city, aggravate flooding by infill of the flood valley and destroy the ability of the site to support recharge of the aquifer, critically needed to render Cape Town more resilient in the face of Climate Change and drought.It is a development putting 150 000 square meters of building on a small 14.7 ha site, currently zoned for open space within the wider Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP). The confluence of the Black and Liesbeek Rivers holds special heritage significance as the least untransformed wetland in the area. Experts have argued that any open land in the area should be considered archaeologically sensitive and should be screened/surveyed before any development takes place. The River Club site, as part of the TRUP, is of huge heritage importance and should not be destroyed for private profit.