Help to Stop Rwanda barbaric and Dangerous Dog & Cat Meat Wildlife Trade & Wet Markets

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Democratic Republic Of Rwanda is one of 21 countries in Africa that consume and are involved with Dogs and Cat Meat Wildlife Trade & Wet Markets 

Dear President Paul Kagame

I urge you to outlaw the barbaric Dog and Cat Meat Trade which is a Danger to Animals and Human Health.

The Dogs and Cats of Democratic Republic Of Rwanda  need protection from ruthless criminal traders that torture abuse and murder these helpless animals for human consumption.
Dogs and Cats are Not food but are loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect and not brutalised and eaten.

The brutal dog and cat meat traders but are putting human health at risk from consumption of dogs and cats in form of Cholera Rabies and other fatal diseases and now COVID 19.

I urge you to ban the Sickening Dog And Cat Meat Trade/ Traders who are financially profiting from the suffering of animals and humans.

Not only are you helping address a serious animal welfare issue, but it is remarkable to see this important public health issue being addressed

I ask you to protect the Dogs and Cats of Democratic Republic Of Rwanda Outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and implement and enforce Animal Protection laws.