Making America a Better Unified State (M​.​A​.​B​.​U​.​S.)

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The goal of this petition is to institutionalize a conflict resolution framework that works on the community, district, regional, national and international efforts for peace building in order to ensure an agenda of peace and overt international conflict and war at all cost.

The Prism of Peace:

Peace, is only experienced when our needs are met. Needs like clean air, food and water. The need for security peace and stability. Needs like acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Above all, as liberated Americas we have a need, an insatiable thirst to experience freedom. However, none of this is possible without clean air food or water, without stability, or security, without freedom, and needs neglected peace becomes impossible. A truly mature democracy has a viable institutionalized linkage between the community and their political figures should their needs become neglected. Working through political channels both domestically and internationally, the goal of this institution is to resolve domestic and international dissent, by re-enforcing a system that allows for our citizens and politicians to pursue channels of peace and mutual agreement.
One of the most unifying elements we can think of that we all share in common and connects us all both domestically and internationally is a functioning infrastructure like clean water, without it, peace becomes impossible. Water, a recurring theme in history, religion, and upcoming mature civilizations, which have thrived historically with an era of peace, are probably the two single most important commodities of our lifetime.

They are at the core of infrastructure for any civilized society. Sometimes political gridlock can impede the process for insuring public works, like our aquatic infrastructure, among many, to run smoothly. Our goal is to transform the "MAKING AMERICA A BETTER UNIFIED STATE" (MABUS) bill, a petition for a bill that allows us to resolve mediated disputes through a centralized agency, while also disseminating conflict coaching techniques to communities; into a bill that insures the seamless delivery of public works during times of political gridlock, while also interconnecting our communities in a way that functions to protect our future and deliver the promise of democracy and peace.

The (MABUS) bill will also assist in preserving international peace and stability by creating an offloading path for international conflict. What this means, is that communities at the local, district, regional, national and international level would have a mediated path away from conflict by utilizing domestic institutions as well as international ones like the World Trade Organization, giving the (WTO) more international power to mediate and settle highly mitigated disputes. 

Although the (WTO) has been assigned those tasks it does not accomplish them with efficacy, thus a clear path is essential in order to overt war on the international level while also targeting regions of conflict domestically.

In doing this we hope to cultivate a global spirit of unity and peace for the new millennia. Institutions are often at the core of our democracy, and so a conflict resolution based institution that uses and assimilates both domestic an international channels can help resolve issues in all aspects of our lives. Political stability starts via a grass roots approach where the proposed organization would focus on an entire strata of conflict related issues from conflict coaching on the community level to more challenging mediations both domestically and internationally.The evidence of a truly mature democracy is one that provides channels that focus on resolving conflict instead of furthering the agenda of, divisive politics and hate.

Sincerely, Rudy Atencio

Woke America and the Peace Campaign

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