Demand people's human rights and safe routes to asylum on the UK-French border

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We have all seen the small boats carrying would-be asylum seekers across the Channel and wonder why they have set out on such a dangerous journey.   Truth is, they haven't much choice.  Having escaped persecution or war at home, they have travelled across several countries, hoping for help en route.  In Northern France there are no more options except the UK. 

The French authorities, scared that these migrants will put down roots, thwart their presence as much as possible.   Water, sanitation, food and shelter  are all in short supply, and sometimes arbitrarily cut off.  Tents and sleeping bags  are destroyed, the travellers often moved and beaten at  night.  Humanitarian workers, frequently harassed, are prevented from giving aid.  The British, meanwhile, provide no legal way of applying for asylum, and contribute hundreds of millions of pounds to the French for walls, fences and surveillance cameras on the French-UK border  to prevent crossings.  This means that HUNDREDS, EVEN THOUSANDS HAVE NOWHERE TO GO EXCEPT TO TAKE TO THE SEA.  

The British and the French governments MUST take responsibility fpr providing safe and legal access to asylum.   

As Pope Francis said,  ‘Each migrant has a name, a face, and a story'.   Let's send a message to both governments that we want to see humanitarian treatment for the hundreds of human beings at our borders, and for them to be given the right to apply for asylum and safe travel.   Let us help to give this story a happy, and not a tragic, ending.  

The draft letter below will be presented to the French Embassy and the Home Office on or before  September 26th, to coincide with equivalent action in France on the same date.