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SAN BERNABÉ MARKET - Where the term to flog a dead horse is taken litterally (or at least,nearly dying horse)

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I have created this petition because as many people as possible need to be aware of what exactly is going on, and how Mexican government and officials turn a blind eye to the absolute horror of this meat market. Please also visit the link and sign that petition too.

The Authorities, while having total law enforcement faculties, and all the proof required to permanently close the place (via images in different media), have done nothing about it.

The animals for sale, in its majority, are visible sick; they are transported under deplorable and sadistical ways, without any care even for those showing exposed fractures, bleeding or with visible wounds. When they cannot hold on foot, they are hung with ropes to pretend they are still strong enough. They totally lack medical attention, as well as water and food. In case they die before getting to the place where they are normally sacrificed, their entrails are thrown away right on the floor.      They are called throw-away (or disposable) animals; they are kept with life up to the last possible moment, while in a slow and lasting agony, because every pound of living meat costs twice as much as the pound of dead meat.


1) Please sign this petition and if possible also a similar petition by another member

2) Share it on your social networking sites, anywhere that will get people realising this market of horror does exist. And together lets get this place closed down once and for all.

3) Mexico is a member of the United Nations - Please follow this link and fill in the feedback form. Below is a generic message that you can add into the main body of text area on the form, or better still, use your own words. Remember - Please be firm but polite. Keep in mind, the form only allows 200 words.  Close Down this Mexican Meat Market now.

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    Mexican Embassy
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    Felipe Calderon
  • Wife of Mexican President
    Margarita Zavala

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