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Don't Punish Dr. Daniel Neides For Encouraging Development of Maximally Safe Vaccines

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Increasing exposure to toxic substances from a wide variety of sources is a growing problem in contemporary society.

Current medical science is demonstrating that toxic exposures can cause major negative effects that were not known even a few years ago.

It is reasonable to be concerned about toxicity issues and to take appropriate measures to protect one’s self and one’s children from toxic harm - including by asking scientists to investigate toxic threats more proactively.

However, large pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines are protected by law from being sued by consumers for vaccine injuries. As a society, we need to be certain that these companies are making safe vaccines.

A few facts about vaccines:

1. Vaccines are acknowledged to include toxic substances in the preservatives and adjuvants.

2. Vaccines are injected directly into the body.

3. Virtually everyone in contemporary society is vaccinated.

4. The most frequent recipients of vaccines (babies, children and the elderly) also are the most vulnerable segments of our population, in both their physiological propensity for harm and their inability to protect themselves from having harm done to them.

Pharmaceutical companies make large profits from selling vaccines, with almost zero liability. This creates a dangerous space for conflict of interest. 

How can we make sure that companies focus on making those vaccines as safe as they can be?

One way is to encourage open and forthright discussions in the public domain about the current risks of vaccines and whether it is possible that those risks can be reduced.

The recent article by Dr. Daniel Neides - titled “Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins” – on the website is a good example of how that kind of open public discussion ideally works.

Maximized vaccine safety is something that every single person in society has a stake in promoting and that we all should be able to unite behind as an important goal.

Therefore, we – members of the general population who have the potential of being affected negatively by the use of vaccines – request of the Cleveland Clinic’s president/CEO and board of directors:

* That the organization drop its stated plans to discipline this doctor for writing this article.

* That the organization support a free and unrestricted discussion of the topics of the dangers of toxicity and the need for vaccines to be as safe as they can be in the future.

Thank you.

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