Stop sending nappy waste to landfill

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3 billion used nappies are sent to landfill every year in the UK, that is 8 million nappies every single day. Since nappies were invented that's over 150 BILLION which are still sitting in a landfill today dying a slow death and leaching chemicals into the ground and releasing micro plastics.

Some responsible producers have developed natural nappies which do not contain single use plastics, but due to the current lack of controls or industrial compost facilities, these too will likely be sent to landfill. 

Unfortunately landfill conditions do not enable these nappies to biodegrade at their optimal rate. What could be achieved in 6 months will likely take 20 years in landfill. 

Both plastic and natural fibre nappies currently make up approximately 10% of black bin waste destined for landfill. Diverting this to compost or recycling would drastically reduce landfill waste. 

Councils in Wales have diverted 20 million nappies from landfill this year (2019) through the implementation of nappy recycling services.  

Why? Because Wales has a 70% target for recycling set by DEFRA and carrying fines and penalties for missed quotas. 

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have much lower targets....maximum of 50%. 

Many councils point to their long running Real Nappy schemes as their answer to nappy waste. But the penetration of cloth nappies remains fairly static at c7% and shows limited sign of growing further. Therefore tackling the 93% market share of disposable nappies is critical. 

We believe that without stricter controls councils will continue to send waste that can be recycled to landfill because it is cheaper.  We must pressurise DEFRA to impose stricter controls on and encourage them to invest in viable industrial composting and recycling technologies.

These technologies have been proven by the likes of NappiCycle and are readily available but they require government and councils to support them. 

Please sign this petition for DEFRA to impose the same targets and penalties scheme as Wales has done so successfully, across the whole of UK. 

Please act before the world becomes one big dirty nappy bin. Every single day another 8 million nappies are added to the landfill pile.

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