Need for Religious Harmony to Counter Violence & Terrorism

The dark aspects of our scientific achievements (destructive weapons), the contemporary political issues of the world and the weaknesses of current world leadership do not have the potential to uproot the basis of terrorism and prevent the wars based on religious conflicts and political issues in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Ukraine and Russia, or for that matter most parts of the world.


Using the fame of humanity, human is killing human to secure the future of human. Is there any other opportunity for all of us to survive from the rise of terrorism, existing under the shadow of nuclear weapons? 



Currently, religious boundaries and political issues divide us. Although our scientific achievements have already brought us close to one another, we are far away from understanding the facts that separate our existence. Even now, we are living under the shadow of nuclear weapons all over the world as a result of nuclear proliferation. And instead of paying attention and attribute against the rise of poverty, global warming and the emerging pandemic, the world community is embroiled in the mazes of religious and political conflicts.


Thus, it is important for all peoples of this world to promote sources that bring science and theology together for the unification of our perception in one idea, to perpetuate the path to peace. We have designed a simple method in a literary form, to tackle the complexities of this issue. Now it is the prime responsibility of the world literate community to raise new hopes by working toward a common citizenship of all peoples and all faiths that is based on social responsibility and global solidarity. This is the most urgent contemporary need and most important issue of this current period.




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