Let the students of Southeastern have the ability to choose full online learning.

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This has been a year of turmoil and uncertainty for students throughout the nation. As numbers of Covid-19 cases rise in the state of Louisiana students face a hard choice. Do they continue the forward momentum of obtaining their degrees and come to school with the risk of their own lives, their families lives put at risk by sitting in a classroom with others? Or do they wait? Wait until their university follows suit with the school board of the parish it is seated in? (Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/communities/livingston_tangipahoa/article_3f3e135a-c135-11ea-9b1b-a3a6940ae0ae.amp.html  There are several things to consider when hybrid classes are the only choice a student has. 1. Not every student will bring a mask. How much money has the university allotted to provide disposable masks? Odds are it should be doubled. 2. We have a decently sized university which grows bigger each semester. Even half capacity is thousands of students. 3. Much of our faculty are in risk categories. And who knows how many students also fall into risk categories? 4. Our state has a rate of infection that is growing more quickly every day. One of the highest rates of infected persons in the country in fact. Do we really want our university to be a contributing factor in that? 5. The main demographic getting infected are 20-40 year olds from community spread. These are your working class. The same working class which heavily makes up your student body. 

The students of Southeastern deserve a choice. The university as a whole, every college, students should have the option for online only classes. Because the choices we make during these unpredictable times have far reaching effects and consequences.