Saving the local Indonesian fruits

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The extinction of Indonesians local fruits. This petition is written by Raya, Erin, Celine, Ben and Archie, students of 9 Joshua at Saint Johns Catholic School.

Written By Erin

Indonesia is a very diverse country with thousands of islands, various cultures, flora and fauna. And of course, this includes fruits. Because of Indonesia’s geographic location, which is located on the equator, makes it home to many local fruits. Indonesia’s location on the equator makes it have the perfect environment and weather to grow these fruits. But sadly, fruit consumption in Indonesia is quite low when compared to other countries. Because of that, there are certain fruits that are rarely being cultivated anymore and will slowly cause it to go extinct. We are starting this petition in hopes to bring awareness to this issue and hopefully start a better lifestyle in this country.

Written by Raya

The local fruits from Indonesia are being threatened by the lost of germplasm, the cause of the lost of germplasm is the rapid conversion of land. Germplasm is a natural resource required for the basic foundation of our daily lives, not only to supplement our hunger but it is also an economic commodity that supports development. Diversity is important among the different types of fruits of Indonesia, but because of economic considerations, they have led to a decision to choose a single choice type of plant to cultivate,
The nature of seeds that only have a limited time to cultivate means that the longer a species is not planted, the more likely it is lost. This situation is increasingly with the conditions of existing farmers, especially in Indonesia where ownership and access to agricultural land is increasingly limited. For example, the KRKP study revealed, in a group of rice seed breeders in Indramayu, they are needed to maintain over 100 species of seeds is ideally needed for 1 ha of rice fields. The rice fields are only intended to be able to plant seeds so that they can be maintained. "For farmers, the best way to save or preserve seeds is to plant them,"

Written by Archie

The impact of loss of local fruits is very harmful, because it gives out a lot of negative impacts towards the crops. These are the four impacts, First, this may cause extinction of fruit species, because Indonesia is diverse there are some fruits that can only be found in Indonesia which is very theathening. Second, it causes suffering to farmers in Indonesia, they will suffer due to these failed crops.
Third, this may trigger economic crisis of Indonesia because agricultural section is the backbone of Indonesia's economy. Fourth, it may cause rise of the prices of the fruit which happens because the fruit will be less produced and a lot of people wants it.

Written by Ben

The solution of conserving germaplasm by conventional methods has several limitations such as seed dormancy, short-lived seeds, seed-borne diseases, and high inputs of cost and labor. These modern techniques, like cryopreservation (freezing cells and tissues at –196°C) and cold storage, help to overcome these problem

Written by Celine

From all the explanations above, we can assure all of you who are reading this that the extinction of fruits can harm our country and ourselves. Because of that reason, we are making a petition for you to sign that you agree with us that Indonesian local fruits need to be taken care of better. It affects the country’s economy and also the life of the farmers. We should support the local fruits more. Please sign the petition so that we can have a better life as the citizens of Indonesia that supports the local brand to have a better country economy and to remember that Indonesia has a lot of exotic fruits that are healthy for our body. So, don’t forget to eat healthy fruits and sign the petition!