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Dear Biking Brothers and Sisters,
           It's high time we take a stand to ensure that another woman does not go through the horrors of rape and harm. A strict punishment should be carried out by our Government so that no man would ever let the thought of harming a woman even come to his mind.
Let's sign this petition and promote Capital Punishment for Rapist's.


The Bikerni

Letter to
Minister of Women and Child Rights, Minister of Home Affairs Smt Krishna Tirath, SushilKumar Sambhaji Rao Shinde, Shri Prem Narain
I just signed the following petition addressed to the Home Minister and the Minister of Women and Child Development.
I am petitioning against rape and would like to ensure the strictest of punishments for rapists. It is my duty as a citizen of India to bring to your attention the heinous crimes happening in our country.
I appeal for Capital Punishment for Rapist's.

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