Make Indiana's Route 1 safe in memory of Brett Fox

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We live in a rural community where teenagers drive about 25 minutes on Route 1 to get to the high school in St. Leon, Indiana.  The road is very narrow with random guardrails.  The main issue is the drainage and runoff across Route 1 which causes hydroplaning and black ice issues on this road. 

There is a horse farm that does not have guardrails in front of it and the embankments are about a 35 foot drop where 18 year old Brett's truck slid off the roadway (due to black ice) on his way to school on February 21, 2019.  

On that same morning of February 21, 2019, a East Central HS senior crashed before Brett, just up the road.  Her car hit a guardrail and she survived a 3 car crash, she credits the guardrail in saving her life from the black ice that morning.  

On the evening of February 27, 2019, on the way to Brett's celebration of life, we witnessed a vehicle in front of us sliding off Route 1 near Georgetown Road in an area without a guardrail.   

There have been multiple fatalities and crashes on this stretch of Route 1. The state of Indiana and Dearborn County need to find a solution to protect the community.   

The state of Indiana and Dearborn County need to investigate the number of crashes and fatalities on this road and advise the community of its findings.   

Brett Fox had a bright future ahead of him and he earned an academic and athletic scholarship to Thomas More University to study and play football.   No parent should have to go through this over some drainage issues and lack of necessary guardrails. 

This community needs to come together and demand this road be made safe for everyone especially the teenagers traveling to their high school in St. Leon, IN.

Please help us in the memory of Brett Fox by signing this petition and writing letters to those agencies that can assist us with correcting the problems on Route 1.