DC Must Stop Secretly Housing Psychopathic Killers (Justice For Jawaid Bhutto)

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Would it be legal for any civilized administration to dump dangerous explosives in a neighborhood, without informing residents that the firepower could kill them?

District of Columbia has made it legal.

The District has released into the community dozens of criminals from St. Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital, who have killed, assaulted, committed arson, robbed, burgled, engaged in property crimes and sexual offenses – and evaded jail time by pleading insanity.

Judges awarding `convalescent leave’ to these `Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity’ (NGRIs) from St Elizabeth have used the extraordinary 51:49 percent rule.  Under this rule, even if there is 49 percent chance the NGRI returns to crime, they are rehabilitated and provided free housing by the District.

Adding insult to injury, under the HIPAA Privacy Law, DC makes it illegal for residents to know whether their next-door neighbor is a criminal or a murderer.

DC’s secret dumping of maniacal killers turned deadly March 1, 2019 when Philosophy professor, Jawaid Bhutto was gunned down without provocation in his parking lot by a neighbor – an ex inmate of St Elizabeth. Unbeknownst to Bhutto, Hilman Jordan had killed his cousin 22 years ago and was on `convalescent leave.’

At DC’s Oversight Hearing, Nov 2019, officials admitted that despite repeated violations, they failed to monitor Jordan’s pot smoking and return him to St Elizabeth. They conceded that but for their failures, “Mr Bhutto may have still been alive today.”

Today thousands demand justice for Jawaid Bhutto. Known as`Socrates’ of Sindh (Pakistan) for his profound knowledge of history, religion, philosophy and Sufiism - Jawaid was deeply loved for his humanity and relentless fight for justice.

As a start, DC must alert neighbors by text or e-mail when a NGRI moves into the neighborhood. This is the type of alert the community receives when a sexual predator moves into their neighborhood

We are signing to demand that Jawaid Bhutto’s sacrifice must not go in vain.