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MAD Magazine has, for over half a century, been the leading satire magazine. It has been the home of many of the greatest cartoonists of all time, such as Antonio Prohías, Sergio Aragones, Peter Kuper, Duck Edwing, Bob Clarke, Don Martin, and more.  Art Spiegelman said, "The message Mad had in general is, 'The media is lying to you, and we are part of the media.' It was basically ... 'Think for yourselves, kids.'" a message that is desperately needed in today's society that blindly follows what they're told and believes every news article they see.

MAD also influenced many of the most successful comic book artists of all time. Artist Dave Gibbons said, "When you think of the people who grew up in the '50s and '60s, the letters M-A-D were probably as influential as L-S-D, in that it kind of expanded people's consciousness and showed them an alternative view of society and consumer culture — mocked it, satirized it." Gibbons also noted that Mad was an overt influence on Watchmen, the highly acclaimed 12-issue comic book series created by writer Alan Moore and himself:

"When it comes to the kind of storytelling we did in Watchmen, we used many of the tricks Harvey Kurtzman perfected in Mad. The thing for instance where you have a background that remains constant, and have characters walk around in front of it. Or the inverse of that, where you have characters in the same place and move the background around. We quite mercilessly stole the wonderful techniques Harvey Kurtzman had invented in Mad."

MAD Magazine also was a major source of influence for Weird Al, Jerry Seinfeld, Art Spiegelman, The Simpsons, The Onion, and many more of the most influential artists, shows, and comics in the country.

Modern comedy and satire as we know it owes it's very LIFE to MAD.

Recently, under Bill Morrison, the magazine had begun to undergo a renaissance and received critical success, all while successfully being brought into the 21st century, but that meant nothing to DC Comics, who fired Bill to cut costs back in January.

Now they have announced that MAD will only be publishing reruns because they no longer think the magazine is worth the cost to keep it going. Why bother to keep putting out new quality content when they can milk 70 years worth of content, and continue treating MAD like the red-headed child they only adopted to get access to the family fortune?

DC comics, either save MAD Magazine and allow more new content to be created, or sell MAD Magazine and everything ever published under the title to a company that cares about them.