Wiltshire Council to install barriers in Trowbridge Multi-storey.

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I’m calling on Wiltshire Council to openly investigate the possibility of installing anti-suicide measures at their St Stephen’s Place multi-storey car park in Trowbridge, following a number of suicides and many more attempts there since it was built. Action must be taken to try and prevent future suicides at this known spot.

In September 2019, my father Michael Elliott – who was struggling to cope with his mental health after the death of his mother and sister – took his own life, falling from the roof of this car park.

In 2005, Wiltshire Council discussed installing safety measures to prevent suicides, however, nothing was done. The council said* that “more than 400 car parking spaces would be lost for two years” – clearly this shows they prioritise consumerism over the protection of our society's most vulnerable people. And look at the result so far.

An investment was recently made in St. Stephens Place by building a new cinema complex and a wide range of restaurants, yet still have not resolved this problem – one which means lives are being lost. As a community, we deserve better. By signing this petition, we can make our voices heard and commemorate those whose lives have been lost.

*Gazette and Herald - 'Plan to stop suicide jumps': https://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/7416885.plan-to-stop-suicide-jumps/