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Drop the plan to relax the Hunting Act

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The Tories first promised a vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004 in the previous Government, but they decided against the vote since they were likely to lose it at the time. This was again part of their manifesto in the 2015 election, but they changed it last minute into an amendment that would render the Act meaningless because once more they were likely to lose, and now they have delayed the vote said amendment after it became clear that the SNP would vote against it. It has now been delayed until autumn, but with an 80% of the British public against the relaxation of the ban on foxhunting and a strong opposition from within the party, this is one policy that is causing nothing but public outcry and humiliation for the current Government.

It is easy to see why: proof of the pointlessness and cruelty of hunting with hounds is clear and easy to find. There have been plenty of documented cases of the hunts openly defying the law, letting hounds rip foxes and other animals while still alive for their own amusement, crushing fox cubs under their boots, endangering their own horses and hounds, trespassing and damaging private property. The pro-hunting lobby has failed time and again to provide any sort of evidence to back up their absurd arguments to justify their bloodlust and cruelty against the British wildlife. Luckily the vast majority of people in this country can see through their flimsy excuses and opposes a relaxation of the law, but the determination of David Cameron and a handful of pro-hunting MPs to disregard the democratic processes that they are paid to implement in order to legalise this kind of cruelty again is sickening and extremely worrying.

We therefore demand that the plan to relax the current Hunting Act in any way is completely abandoned so that this absurd losing battle is no longer a distraction from other important matters in the current affairs of the country and the cruelty of hunting with hounds becomes history.



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