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Stop homophobia in schools across the UK

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Thankfully most members of the UK's society see LGBT people as equal members of our community, but the majority of British schools do not reflect this.

The use of homophobic language such as 'fag', 'dyke' and the using of gay in a derogatory manner occur on a daily, if not hourly basis. Being someone who is in secondary education, I know this from personal observation. Allowing this to happen is a violation of a persons human rights, and breaches the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. 

Not only is there the major issue that LGBT youth are being bullied for simply being who they are, but another dangerous issue at hand is that we are not acknowledging this bullying. As a country, we are creating an environment in schools where homophobia is something that can be shrugged off and deemed as okay.

We must make it one of our top priorites that teachers in schools know how to deal with homophobia when they see it, and that students are educated and made aware on the normality of non-heterosuxual relationships and lifestyles. Both secondary and primary schools can do this by ensuring that their staff are trained on dealing with all homophobia in schools, or by joining programmes that tackle and raise awarness regarding homophobia. 

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