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Chick shredding. It's as simple as it sounds. Over 40 million chicks are sulfokated, shredded, gassed, abandoned or have their necks slit each year in the UK. Farmers breed the chicks but don't want the males. These unlucky little fellers go through a harsh and short life. No being deserves to spend it's life in a factory. To smell death. To be afraid. To know what's coming because he can see it. To feel his brothers as they push their tiny baby wings out and flap trying to find a way to escape and be free for the first time in their lives. As they fall into a shute. As they fall further down he can hear the grinding and his only sight of the outside world and last view of light is shit out by his brothers. As the first blade hits his back it is already too late. The light goes from his innocent baby eyes. His eyes are crushed from his head, and he becomes mush and memories. His brothers and him are now pale paste. Their only memories were of a factory and fear. They never knew their mother, but they will meet her soon. Because at 72 weeks her farmer, who has used her for money will decied she isn't worth keeping alive. He will give her the same fait as her babies. Please support our cause. Please make a change. Please ban chick shredding. Please kill them humanely or not at all. We're not asking you to move Heaven and Earth, just don't brutally murder millions of babies for an omelette.

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