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Abolishment of the tpd

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This petition is for the e cigarette and vape users of the UK to say enough is enough. A smoker since I was 15 years old, I tried everything avaliable to quite smoking from nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum and inhalatior) to laser therapy and nothing worked. That's until January last year when I made the switch to e cigarette/ vaping box mods. Now due to massive success and popularly a massive 2.2 million of the UK population has made the switch from cigarettes to e cigarette and vaping. Which has cost the government, pharmaceutical companies and the tobacco industry millions in revenue and taxes therefore they want to restrict and tax these health saving products, classifying them as a tobacco product. Using the ulterior motive that they want to make them "safe" Here are the dates and restrictions the tpd want to put in place; The maximum e liquid bottle size is 10ml. The maximum strength of e liquid is 2%/20mg. Every single variant of e liquid and device capable of vapourising e liquid must be tested and the MHRA must be notified of each product and its test results six months before it can be sold. The maximum e liquid capacity of tanks/clearomisers is 2ml. Tanks/clearomisers must be ‘leakproof at the point of refilling’. The advertising of any and all vaping products is banned. This includes physical advertising and electronic communications, such as emails and social media platforms. Key Dates 20th May 2016 This is the date the TPD comes in to force. The advertising ban kicks in immediately. Most retailers will still be selling non-compliant products as usual, so consumers will be largely unaffected. However, we will see some small to medium manufacturers start to close down as they realise that TPD compliance will be too costly. 20th November 2016 From this date onwards, retailers will have six months to clear their shelves of non-compliant products, such as non-leakproof tanks, bottles over 10ml or 20mg etc. New non-compliant stock cannot be manufactured, purchased or sold. Over the next six months almost all small manufacturers will close down. Retailers will start selling a much smaller range of products. There may be shortages, as many vapers panic buy and stockpile their favourite vaping gear. 20th May 2017 It is now illegal to sell any non-compliant product. Only products tested and MHRA notified six months earlier can be sold.

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