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Christopher Harkins
honolulu, U.S. Outlying Islands

Dec 28, 2015 — Below is a message from Anonymous to the parents of David and Hannah. I personally fully agree with them and have been told that there will be more information coming out soon from Anonymous, So please stay tuned. This case is NOT OVER and will only be when we stop talking about it and stop helping to spread the truth and facts about this case and those individually involved in the cover up.

A message to the parents of ‪#‎DavidMiller‬ & ‪#‎HannahWitheridge‬ killed in ‪#‎KohTao‬ ‪#‎Thailand‬

Firstly Anonymous sends our condolences for the lose of your children, Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, may they R.I.P

Here is our message to you.

You are about to send 2 innocent boys to the death beds and their parents will be just like you, having their children killed by bad people.

Sadly, you have not paid enough attention the the truth and other media sources and you have put all of your trust into a corrupt Thai government, corrupt Thai police and their lies and cover-ups.

YOUR children's killers are running free and your children David and Hannah will NEVER see justice until they convict Montriwat Tuwichian and Warot Tuwichian.
Wake Up and see the truth and ask many more questions.
The Thai police got their first arrest correct but then what happened?

The Thai police arrested Mon first here:…
then after the village headman Mon's brother and son of Worat spoke to police they dropped the charges and said Mon was not on the Island however, photos show him as being on the island just before he took off here>>…/police-hold-relatives-of-i…

NOTE: Ask yourselves, why is Andrew Drummond's website blocked in Thailand? because they don't want the truth out.

The police have ruled out a son of Koh Tao village headman as a suspect in the murder of two British tourists after he has evidence to prove he was not on the island at the time the murder occurred.…
Police now rule out Koh Tao headman’s son a murder suspect, turn to foreign tourists in the probe
Otherwise your children will be killed twice.
Once by their killers and twice by the Thai police and Thai government, DO YOU REALLY WANT YOUR CHILDREN"S KILLERS WALKING FREE and see two innocent boys be killed for something they did not do and are purely scapegoats.

The Thai police have done this before:
Hill-tribe men 'set up' for rape, murder of Aussies
THAI police set up two hill-tribe men to take the rap for the murder of Australian student Kelvin Bourke and the rape of his girlfriend Sheri McFarlane in northern Thailand in 2000.…/story-e6frg6t6-1111114342…

We did not want to have to message you like this, but 2 innocent boys who have been tortured…/Suspect-in-British-backpacker-… into confessing are about to be killed.
Read the links below.

It seems everyone knows who the real killers are but YOU.
The locals know, the activists know, the Thai police know, The Thai governments knows, truth seekers know who the real killers are but YOU!!


Here is what should happen about DNA testing:…
What did the DNA tests conclude about the two Burmese suspects? THAT THE DNA DID NOT MATCH TO THEM!

Thai Forensics Chief Says DNA From Koh Tao Murder Weapon Doesn’t Match Defendants:

So why are they charged and convicted sentenced to death?

This PDF shows that just about every ‪#‎BangKok‬ DNA Laboratory in Thailand are NOT accredited to do DNA testing:
Read the DNA reports (IT DOES NOT MATCH) the two Burmese boys.

DNA on weapon does not match men accused of killing British tourists in Thailand:

Forensic expert says DNA found on bloodied garden hoe does not belong to two men standing trial for deaths of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller…/dna-weapon-not-match-men-accus…
and here:…/british-backpacker-trial-in-th…
These boys will die because of lies and corruption within the Thai police force and Thai mafia bosses.…/myanmar-migrant-work…/3116727.htmli
Why didn't the Thai police investigate the argument that happened at eh AC bar?…/290273-did-thai-murder-vict…
Watch this: Thai police corruption
1.Hannah's clothing untested for forensics and missing from evidence (obviously would have the murderer's DNA on them)
2.Both young Burmese men were allegedly tortured for a false confession. Their bruises seen by witnesses.
3.No valid DNA evidence was presented at the court.
4.According to Thai police DNA samples were contaminated or ‘used up’.
5.Thai police didn't test the alleged murder weapon for DNA. Dr. Pornthip, head of the Central Institute of Forensic Science stated in court that the DNA on the murder weapon does not match the defendants.
6.There are undisclosed discrepancies between Thai coroner’s report vs UK report.
7.Thai suspects DNA sample never received and tested.
8.CCTV footage at pier never checked despite an early morning boat leaving on the day of the murders.
9.Two actual eyewitnesses to the murders of Hannah and David too afraid to testify.
10.High ranking police gave very contradictory statements whilst testifying at court.
11.No "chain of custody" maintained with forensics.
12.No DNA evidence regarding cigarette butts given to the court.
13.Blonde hair found in Hannah's hand with root on it never forensically tested. now, missing from evidence.
14.Official questioning of the suspects was flawed and unprofessional. Questions were raised by the witnesses about ethnic biases on the part of the translators. The embassy interpreter, who said that he handled most translations for cases like this, said the quality of the work done by the two unofficial translators was low quality and unprofessional.
15.Mr Stephen Cole from Acume Forensics has confirmed that Wai Phyo could not be the so-called running man seen in the ‘selective’ CCTV footage collected by Koh Tao police.
and further:
➜ Thai Police using the same methods as seen here in the past.
Warrant Sought in Connection With Kirsty Jones Murder In Chiang Mai:
22 year-old Zaw Lin said he was struck in the chest by a police officer, but also punched by the translator after he was asked questions about his religion and his ethnicity.
The prosecution maintains that Zaw Lin, and his co-accused Wei Phyo, also 22, confessed freely to raping and murdering 23 year-old Ms Witheridge, from Hemsby, and killing fellow British tourist David Miller from Jersey. Thai police have denied their confessions were extracted by torture.
Contradicting the testimony of numerous police officers, Zaw Lin claimed not only did police physically assault him, but they even gave him pain killing cream for the injury to his chest, which he claims an officer inflicted.

Both the accused are to give testimony this weekend in the final two days of this trial. Previously Zaw Lin described to the panel of three judges how he was stripped, blindfolded, and had numerous plastic bags placed over his head during questioning to force him to confess to the crimes. He also said he was told his body would be dismembered, burned and dumped at sea.
His DNA, now linking him to the crimes, was taken forcibly, he said.

In his latest testimony he explained that the Muslim Burmese translator, who came from the same region as him, Rakhine State, but was of a different religion, asked him if he had been in Myanmar during the recent ethnic and religious conflicts where Buddhists and Rohinga Muslims had taken part in retaliatory killings.

“I told him no. I said I was already in Thailand,” Zaw Lin said, “And then he punched me.”

Zaw Lin said the same translator also told him he would be killed if he did not follow police instructions at the public re-enactment of the crimes last October, or if he tried to speak to reporters who were present.
Zaw Lin said both he and Wei Phyo were instructed and guided by police in exactly what to do at internal police and public re-enactments.

Ms Witheridge had met David Miller, aged 24, after arriving on the resort island of Koh Tao in mid September 2014. Their bodies were found together on the island’s Sairee Beach just a few days later in the early hours of September 15th. They both had fatal head injuries.

The family of David Miller returned to Thailand for a third time to listen to the accused’s testimony in person. Mr Miller’s father and brother were in court but Ms Witheridge’s family were not present.

The trial was extended by two days to allow for the testimony from the defendants. However two of the three judges who had been present for the previous 19 days of the trial were replaced in court by two new judges.

Thai Forensics Chief Says DNA From Koh Tao Murder Weapon Doesn’t Match Defendants

Thailand’s forensics chief told a court Friday that DNA samples taken from a garden hoe believed to have been used to kill a pair British backpackers last year does not belong to the two men currently on trial for their murder
What can you do?
Sign this petition:…/u/14625682
Join this Facebook Page:…/…
What a terrible case this is, #Thailand again accusing innocent migrants just like they have done in the past so they can protect their tourist industry.

YOU ARE NOT SAFE IN THAILAND not even for justice if something happens to you.

These boys have been clearly set up and justice needs to be done fast before they execute these 2 innocent young boys.

After looking at the gruesome victims both David and Hannah there is NO WAY these 2 small boys could have done this, the photographs we saw un-edited are very graphic and from our experience these were done by a very angry person/s, kind of like out of revenge, (From a previous altercation it would seem like) because these injuries just do not add up to have been done by 2 young small boys who were previously playing their guitar and singing at the beach.

These 2 boys are clearly scapegoats and we have viewed all of the circumstances and facts about this case and we are 100% convinced that these two Burmese boys have no motive, no matching DNA and do not match the description of the CCTV footage release by the Thai police.
ALL EVIDENCE AND CIRCUMSTANTIAL FACTS POINT TO the very person they initially arrested namely, Montriwat Tuwichian and his nephew Warot Tuwichian who is the Chief headman of Koh Tao and the brother of Mon.
How coincidental that after his brother (The headman and known Mafia Boss) and father of Warot (Co-accused) had an interview with the arresting police, they then dismissed him as a suspect.

Corruption at it's finest.
However, two innocent boys are about to die for a crime they did not commit.
SO OUR MESSAGE to David Miller and Hannah Witheridge parents is...
You are about to send two innocent boys to their death beds and your children's killers will walk free forever.

WAKE UP and read the evidence, add the dots and put the pieces to this horrible puzzle together.
DO NOT TRUST the Thai police or the Thai government, we have shown you above how they have done this before.

David and Hannah are about to be murdered twice!
Do not let the smooth talking Thai police, fake evidence, tampered evidence, kangaroo court proceedings, fake testimonies and pressured confessions fool you.

It hasn't fooled the locals, nor has it fooled those who know the truth, so don't let it fool YOU!

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN and demand your government re test the DNA that is probably gone by now.
Otherwise, justice for David and Hannah will never put them to rest.
We will update this case!
~ Anonymous

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