We ask Danny Ainge to help Tomek Kordylewski: ask YouTube to unblock - or hire him!

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Dear Mr. Ainge:

You may not have heard of Tomek Kordylewski — but in fact, if we had to guess, you probably have.

You certainly should.

For several years, Mr. Kordylewski has poured his heart and soul into producing terrific highlight, and in some cases analytical, videos on the Boston Celtics.

With no disrespect to your own fine staff, or the folks at NBC, he’s the best in the business.

He isn’t paid to do this — but he oughta be.

Maybe that is why his YouTube channel is so beloved by Celtics fans — including, but not limited to, Celtics247.

Recently, a European firm, Aipex Software, filed a complaint with YouTube claiming he has infringed on their copyright-protected material. This may come as news to you, Adam Silver, and the National Basketball Association, but apparently they assert an interest (whether through licensure or representation) in Boston Celtics video productions.

(Basically, he’s so good, and has such a following, that he has drawn the ire of others. Like the tallest blade of grass in the Swiss proverb, he is the first to get mown down.)

Shamefully, YouTube has, at least for now, imposed a block on all new and existing footage on his channel.

Two simple solutions

You can probably fix this with a one-page letter or a quick telephone call.

1. Grant Mr. Kordylewski a license, send a copy to YouTube, and advise them that the Aipex claim is without merit. We understand third-party approvals may be involved: the NBA and its broadcast partners. But we also understand you can make this request, and are confident it will be granted.

2. Hire Mr. Kordylewski. He’d make a great addition to your team.

Mr. Ainge, Celtics fans love you above all because you manage the team the way you played the game. Balls out, with no fear, and with great respect and love for the fans.

Please do not allow one of your most dedicated supporters to be taken down by a bureaucratic, legalistic Eurotroll, and whatever megacorporate interests it may claim to represent.

For more information, please visit Celtics247.com and Mr. Kordylewski's page on twitter.

You have the power to cut through that miasma and define Mr. Kordylewski’s rights in a few minutes. #FreeTomek, Mr. Ainge.