Allow the Lomond Hotel in Brunswick to continue outdoor entertainment.

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At the end of the lengthy Victorian Civid19 lock down, in December of 2020, the Lomond Hotel in Brunswick took the initiative to utilise their carpark area to allow and present local live music. Several successful and enjoyable events were held. 
However, we have now been informed that these must now cease, due to noise complaints from nearby residents. 

As part of these restrictions after Covid19, the live music must finish by 9:00pm. This has always been the case, and has been strictly adhered to.

Unfortunately, the minority has again got their way and these performances now must stop.
I ask that you add your voice to all that object to this decision.
We need live local music. We need the employment this generates. And we need venues that we can attend and enjoy the entertainment so many enjoy.

Please ad your voice and share this far and wide.