Dan and Phil Shop: Stop using plastic bags for shipping

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No matter if I have a bad day and need someone to make me laugh, or if I simply want to relax after school, Dan and Phil are always my way to go. Most of you will probably be agree with me if if I say that they always manage to make a rough day better.

I think that i can safely say that one of the reasons why we enjoy Dan and Phil's content so much is because we value their considerate way of interacting with not only us, but their environment in general.

However, when I recently ordered something from their shop and the postman gave me a huge grey plastic bag, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

Only last week yet again a whale has been washed up dead on a beach, stomach full of plastic bags and cups. Plastic is everywhere; it is clogging the oceans, it is lying next to the roads, it has even been found in our tap water in form of microparticles. It harms animals and human health - and it takes hundreds of years to fully dissolve.

Even plastic marked as "biologically degradable" does not have much of a positive impact, as it will only break down into microplastics if not properly processed afterwards in a special facility. The only way to improve at this point is to use eco-friendly shipping materials such as cardboard boxes.

Like I said, in the past Dan and Phil have come off as considerate and fair human beings, and I sincerely believe that if we make them aware of the problem their choice of packaging is part of, they will take action and change their packaging material to eco-friendly cardboard boxes. So please sign this petition, and share it with them on twitter, tumblr and any other social network you can think of.

Tl;dr: Using plastic bags for shipping sucks, let's together convince two of our favourite humans to do better and switch to eco-friendly cardboard boxes!