Campaign To Stop Name Shaming (Like Karen) Across The Mainstream Media &Social Media

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Signing this petition will show that you're against name shaming and in support of the thousands of women and men that have endured name shaming. Recently the level of name shaming has reached epic proportions and we can no longer stay quiet. 

This petition is for the thousands of people who have endured years of online abuse, misogny, sexism, and ageism. We stand together against all name shaming of any kind. We would especially like the mainstream media to stop using one particular name to describe the abhorrent behaviour of women.

The women that have endured this bullying are frightened to speak, they are told repeatedly to shut up, that they have no voice. They are told they are too old to have an opinion, and that they are privileged if they complain.  We don't think this is right, for any human to be treated this way simply because of their name. 

We get this abuse across all platforms with no recourse. We have to put up with hate speech across all social media which includes death threats. Celebrities with huge followings have ridiculed us and used our name for clicks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube refuse to see this as hate speech but we disagree. This is personal to us, it's our names being mocked, and stolen from us. When someone says it isn't about us and we musn't take it personally, I will tell you that thousands of us do. Our name being used to describe every social sin is simply wrong. 

The Mainstream Media and Social Media have legitimised bullying on a mass scale. 

Remember when you name shame you are addressing babies, children, teenagers and adults.