Setup a National Emergency Committee on Housing & Homelessness, now!

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Successive Governments have failed to solve the problem of Housing and Homelessness, it is now out of control.

More people than ever are homeless, whether officially counted or not. 

Young couples can't find homes or form new families, others are reverting to parental homes, many are splitting up.  More than ever are couch surfing or condemned to the streets - or worse still, taking their own lives.

Many many organisations are doing great charitable work to alleviate the problem, as are many working in local authorities....

HOWEVER, it is not working!

URGENCY is needed, creation of a NATIONAL EMERGENCY COMMITTEE on HOUSING & HOMELESSNESS will provide the means to solving this issue.

The solution may include directly building Public Housing, curtailing the Vultures Funds, the Banks and the Rogue Landlords.

Establishing such a committee will raise the question: who should be on it? Whoever that is, it must include representatives for all the stakeholders, including the homeless and those who advocate on their behalf.

The Housing Action Group is on Facebook.