Reopen Mitrice Richardson's case

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September 16, 2009 Mitrice Richardson was arrested due to having "strange" behavior in public. She was deemed sober, but was held under police custody do to concerns of her mental state. Her car was impounded along with her phone and belongings inside.

She was taken 13 miles away and NOT given a psych evaluation by the watch commander. And was released on September 17, 12:18 AM after speaking with Mitrice's mother and her asking them to keep her for the night due to co concern for her mental state. Mitrice went missing September 12, 2009 and 11 months later she was found dead. No foul play was presumed and her death was ruled accidental.

During the investigation the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department  botched many thing. 

1. An officer on the scene moves Mitrice's body against coroner's wishes

2. The camera footage from the police department was heavily edited and the unedited footage was never released to the family's attorney.

3. Police say Mitrice was acting "perfectly normal" at the time of release, but emails show, this was not the case.

This is only the start of the mishandling of justice we have seen too often before, ESPECIALLY against Black women. We need to show the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department we won't accept them tampering with evidence, and the officers on the scene need to be investigated and charges need to be brought up. We won't forget Mitrice or any other black person who was killed by an unjust system. BLACK LIVES MATTER. PLEASE SHARE, AND SPREAD THE WORD AND MAKE YOUR OWN PETITION FOR MITRICE. She deserves justice, her family deserves answers.

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