ALL allergens to be listed in BOLD on beauty products and in 'Plain English' inc Top 14

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Emmie and Lissy are allergy advocates and are asking you to support their petition to change how allergen information is labelled on ALL beauty products. We are asking that the UK Parliament along with the CTPA 'Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association' makes it a legal requirement to highlight ALL Allergens in BOLD on all beauty products and use 'Plain English' instead of Latin names. This is now standard practise and a legal requirement on food packaging in the UK where any of the Top 14 Allergens are required to be highlighted in BOLD by Law. There are already currently 26 fragrance allergens/components that are required to be listed on cosmetics products along with all ingredients used. Including the top 14 food allergens in this and highlighting all the allergens in bold and 'Plain English' would make navigating label reading for the consumer much easier. 

So why in BOLD 

Emmie recently suffered a 'life threatening' severe reaction known as Anaphylaxis on the 15th January from just sitting in her bath! The cause of this was most definitely Milk but in a very unusual way. It was actually in her bath bomb!!!! Emmie decided to use a new one that she'd had as a gift at Christmas. She had actually checked all her new products herself as she always does, but this time she just simply missed her allergen in the ingredients. Had it of been in BOLD she is sure that she would of seen it. So back to that night. I (mum) watched her cut the packet open and we both stood there commenting on it's fizz and how nice it smelt (my normal words at this point have always been) "have you checked the ingredients Em?" Did I say that this night? No, no I didn't!!! If only I'd of asked that one important question as we always normally double check everything!!!

I went to go to bed and within 2 minutes of her getting in her bath she shouted out for help. You could hear the sound of panic in her voice. My husband and I both rushed to help, she just couldn't breath, gasping pulling at her neck and her body getting covered in large red blotches as the seconds past! I got her out and started to give her the inhaler, my husband gave her piriton liquid and got the Epipens ready. Her inhaler had little effect so we called 999 stating Anaphylaxis. The paramedics were amazing and with us in under 5 minutes. They administered 2 shots of adrenaline, chlorphenamine, nebulizers and put her on oxygen. She was then blue lighted to hospital and given a high dose of steroids and once she was stable they continued to monitor her. Her response to the medication was good and we are just so thankful that we acted as quickly as we did. Emmie has since made a full recovery. 

What Change Is Needed? 

Labelling of beauty products is regulated in the UK by the CTPA 'Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association'. The law currently requires manufactures to label all ingredients on their products which is wonderful however these allergens are not labelled in BOLD and are not always clear to the consumer, many fragrance allergens are also written using the Latin names and not in 'Plain English'. We think this is such a simple change that could be made and could actually save someone's life. The outcome of Emmies reaction could of been so different if we hadn't acted as quickly as we did that night. 

So please sign our petition and help us make this BOLD change. 

Epipen works and it works fast so please remember #epifirstepifast #alwayscarrytwo and if you have an allegic reaction and need to call 999 state 'Anaphylaxis'. (and always double check ingredients) 

Thank you for supporting us, with love from Emmie, Lissy, Maria and Scott xxx