Save the trees along the train tracks in Greenwich

Save the trees along the train tracks in Greenwich

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Started by Teresa Silvani

Dear Fellow Greenwich Residents,

We are shocked to see that the MTA has started cutting down all the trees adjacent to Riverside Elementary School near the Drinkwater Rd. Bridge.  We are concerned that the plan may be to cut every tree along the train tracks.  The response we received from MTA was that they want to create a 10-foot buffer away from their overhead power lines and that “in cases where the tree in question is determined to be unhealthy and trimming is deemed to be insufficient, the entire tree will be removed”.  This does not appear to be the case in the recent tree clearings.

When looking at the devastation of that wooded area near Drinkwater Bridge, it is a stark reminder of the clearing of all the trees-young and mature, along the I-95 corridor between exits 3 and 4, as well as by the Eastern Civic Center, near the train tunnel. 

This decimation of the trees and wooded land bordering the railroad and highways in town is being done in the name of public safety.  Although the need to keep roads and tracks safe from fallen trees should be a priority, we wonder if the effort to carry out this objective has been overzealous and has not taken into account the impact on our town’s environment.

Let's find a way to maintain public safety without completely destroying entire tracts of wooded areas in Greenwich.  Please use your voice to tell our elected officials to continue to fight for our environment and our town.  We are including Governor Lamont’s contact information because the State of CT Department of Transportation has some authority over the railway. 

We know the town is meeting with MTA early next week about this issue so it is important both the town and state hear your voices. If you would like a change, please do the following before the end of this week:

1.   Sign the petition and share it with your neighbors;

2.   Reach out to First Selectman, Fred Camillo:

Tel: 203-622-7710 - Email:

3.  Reach out to Governor Ned Lamont:

Tel: 860-566-4840 - Email:


Mary Childs, Laura McDermott and Teresa Silvani

880 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!