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Ezequiel Gastón Bianucci lanzó esta petición dirigida a Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Presidente de la República Argentina) y

Petition addressed to the Argentine citizens, to the President Dr. Alberto Fernández, to the Mayor of Mercedes Diego Caram and to the Governor of Corrientes Gustavo Valdés, promoting participation in the next ELECTIONS. 

I understand that the budget is scarce but physical and mental health is like public education one of the pillars of our beloved Argentina and one of the luxuries that few countries in the world can be awarded.

This is why having lived in the beautiful city of Mercedes, although born in Buenos Aires and having a serious health problem in that city due to political and medical negligence of the municipality and the owner of the business, since I was doing a back exercise in a gym in December 2019, The owner, as he did not have private emergency service, took me in his 4x4 to the public hospital where he paid a public doctor to treat me over a woman in a wheelchair and without checking me, he gave me a corticoid injection which I have contraindicated, as the insurance company referred me to Buenos Aires since the local hospital and the local hospital and the owner of the business did not have private emergency service. As. since the local hospital and the private clinic did not have the resources to make me take care of the bumps that could have been covered by the corticoid and acts as an anti-inflammatory and did not let me sleep for several nights,

as because of the pandemic in. March 2019 I could not return to Mercedes to make the claim to the mayor and having found out from a distance by neighbors of the place that the area of habilitations does not inspect properly all the same of the place I suspect for impunity and bribes.

All this made me think about what was happening in a city that is no longer a town because of the number of inhabitants with physical and mental health since it has a high suicide rate, to discover by calling the MINISTRY OF HEALTH that the problem was not only local but national.

Since I have relatives with stigmatizing physical and mental disorders I wanted to know what happens in Mercedes and in other cities of the interior and the great Buenos Aires that there are no psychologists or psychiatrists, mental health, public psychiatrists and when the MINISTRY OF MENTAL HEALTH OF THE NATION is consulted they only say that Mercedes for example derives the cases to the nearby city Curuzú Cuatiá where in spite of the deficiencies it does have one but it is kms away. 

Not even this gentleman who calls himself "mayor" can manage something in this matter with the "governor" Valdés.
Diego Caram's personal secretary told me this by his own voice and made the excuse that both are of different political sign with the governor and he is not interested in this area in Mercedes.

It is impossible to communicate by phone without someone inside to facilitate contacts as they have it off the hook or do not attend, no idea the reasons, I have also tried the public hearing twice the first by applying for work recently arrived in Mercedes to which Mr. Caram told me that he did not like Buenos Aires and there was no work in the same making me discouraged to have gone and look for work in the stores without any success.

The day I was visiting this year February 2021 I went to a new hearing in the morning to claim the folder of habilitation of the gym and the lawyer of the municipality denied me saying that I have to go with a lawyer when this is not so, since I am a citizen and I have the right to the same threatening me. Threatening me to leave or they would call the police.

But the accountant who was in charge since Diego Caram was traveling in a meeting with the head of the cabinet of the nation Santiago Cafiero which surely does not care or know what is the Law 26,657 ... she was meeting attending issues as sent to tell me with the most important secretary with his cabinet team after hours of waiting made me withdraw without being able to discuss these issues with her and get my message to the mayor.

The networks of Mercedes are poorly managed, since the phone is outdated on facebook and on the web both local and provincial as well as the change of mayor, and if it was not for internal contacts I would not have been able to communicate remotely, the municipality does not answer my messengers even though I see them with the symbol of seen.

Neither the director of the hospital gives explanations pre pandemic, only telling me their staff by phone which then cut me that they do not know about it.

One of the answers of Caram's secretary is that they raise these and other issues to provincial jurisdiction and get no response when it is obvious that they communicate by various means frequently and even meetings where Caram is not interested in this or other issues concerning the city that is not his property ... it belongs to everyone, he does not even have the support of the popular vote as he acceded to the position by hierarchy since the mayor resigned, I do not know the reasons.

But Caram as other mayors and politicians are fascinated to put their seal and name on every achievement of the community instead of putting example "patrol acquired by the citizens of Merced", etc..

I also invite you to communicate at a distance and without contacts with the municipality, I am just a citizen on foot and you will see that it is also impossible to communicate with the province of Corrientes and with the Minister of Health, the man who was accused of "illegally transporting covid vaccines in his car" and it is all through social networks that do not even answer them and the "seen" also comes out.

I communicated repeatedly and I have hours of recorded talks with the MINISTRY OF MENTAL HEALTH OF THE NATION because when I gathered information I realized that it does not perform its function properly, different social workers, psychologists and no psychiatrist answers the phone are always the same people, why is there so little staff for something so important ? 

Their final answer is that the issue is beyond them because each province is Autonomous and manage the part of national co-participation and provincial tax collection as they want and without interest to the government of the day as always PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH, EDUCATION, WORK, to simple reasonings such as these involving the mental health law written to be understood in language by all citizens as all Argentine laws and DECREES OF NECESSITY AND URGENCY (DNU), then I propose to make this a PETITORY OF NECESSITY AND URGENCY (PNU) where we will all participate with our requests and demands since we elected them for it.

The example of law 26. 657 I take because it is easily verifiable its NON implementation, being enacted by deputies and senators including Julio Cobos, then decreed by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who's sister suffers from bipolar disorder as she relates in "Sincerely Cristina" and not fulfilled for ten years to the present Alberto Fernandez and also not implemented by the government of Mauricio Macri, less the repealed in the period of ten years of government of Carlos Menem and the failed president Fernando De la Rua and that no politician in this country is interested so human rights organizations have to resort to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the WHO and continue to violate it while mental health patients suffer and suffer in hospitals that according to the law should have been replaced by external consultants in all hospitals and being crowded worse than in a prison where criminals if they deserve it.

What are the people of Merced, Corrientes and Argentina waiting for? I don't know... There are other urgent issues to be solved besides the global pandemic because although it is the most important world problem, the world keeps turning:

That gender violence and the NI Una MENOS continues to escalate and the macho and violent of the country continue to kill them turning a blind eye to the issue.

That children and the population, lacking psychoeducation and psychological and psychiatric support, commit suicide.

That anxiety and major depression is a light word effect of the confinement of the pandemic, because there is no psychology of help where social contact has been lost in both children and adults promoting clandestine meetings with the risk that this entails for our elders and patients at risk.

That they keep us locked up for more than a year and a half to fix the infrastructure and the creation of new hospitals, intensive care and oxygen that is missing as the doses of vaccines and the global embarrassment of the VIP.

Seriously Mercedeños, Corrientes and Argentines are going to be deceived by false promises and vote "again" to these sinister who only seek power and are corrupted by the tax money they collect?

That they are so retrograde that they do not let the LGTB+ collective express themselves without being judged as decades ago the WHO declared them mentally ill?

That we continue to discriminate against immigrants while we are descendants of immigrants, or people of different ethnicities.

Our national anthem says that we are FREE but they want us PRISONERS of fear, dictatorships that have led us to wars killing children against empires, where a Queen rules as if we were in the Middle Ages, those are the real Mercedean and Argentinean Heroes not the rulers we have and who have voted or supported and do not claim their sovereignty only when it suits them.

Let's stop looking the other way, that's neglect and tomorrow it could touch a family member, a friend as I myself have suffered because I was bedridden for months without being able to sleep or move. 

Many of us are descendants of immigrants who escaped the war to forge our country, young people with a vision of the future that I love and many of them feel resigned, many of them abandoning the country and taking with them the knowledge acquired in public or private Argentine universities, or the descendants of the aborigines from whom we took away their lands, cruelly murdering them.

I wish that in the next elections the people of Merced, Corrientes, and our Argentina that we vote with rational and emotional intelligence and not with the selfishness that I really do not know why it characterizes us and enforce the laws enacted. 

We urgently need a new team, with new and fresh ideas, with love for their people, their country, the environment, climate change and especially for animals and nature, for our trees that give us oxygen that we need so much now!

By wanting to make it grow by reforming it from its foundations and listening to the neighbors throughout the national territory without using their high taxes for pseudo-proprietary propaganda with other people's money and well earned by joining the experience of few but good politicians who have done things right for us to go far, let's set an example to the world not only for "famous personalities". 

Are the people asleep and voting for some plans instead of asking to work and study for the benefit of all? We have the power to choose and not the other way around, the sovereign is the government represented by a minority, they should be accountable for what they do with our funds.

Returning to my central theme as an example: PHYSICAL AND Mental Health since both and the physical especially was demonstrated by the covid its shortcomings, just now and at the national level that has the opposite political stamp, the "RADICAL" governor Gustavo Valdes as well as the kirchneristas (PERONISTAS) remember to modify the infrastructure of hospitals and build new ones and especially the one that you mercedeños are concerned that is in serious condition putting at risk the great health personnel who risk their lives in spite of it daily tirelessly, after having thousands of deaths from cases of covid and so many contagions that have no forgiveness from God, the Virgin and the Universe, or the religion they profess, from our neighbors, friends and family.

I reiterate there are many young people, which Argentines should give them an opportunity to generate a real impact and be an example of small cities and in the country and large cities in general that if you can EVOLVE with their citizen participation being proactive and involved in their projects with their voice and ideas.

It is easy to collect signatures as in as long as we as a society do not look the other way, and present them to the municipality, and to the corresponding institutions, demonstrating that problems can be solved in a calm, peaceful and collective way, without violence or pickets or police repression.

Greetings from a simple non-partisan Argentine citizen but with LOVE FOR HIS COUNTRY who wishes the best for the country, and fervently believes that a small city in which he lived for a short but intense time, noticed its defects as its beautiful virtues and met intelligent people eager to prosper without getting involved and lowering themselves in political chicanery, can give his contribution to the distance of the achievements that can be made if we unite and (re)volution the same little by little and with coherent and achievable proposals in the short, medium and long term while the pandemic is waning in the world. 

Thank you for your attention, apologies for the length of the petition and again my thanks for signing and leaving all your ideas, projects or disagreements with what I have exposed here.

Let us not allow that "The essential is invisible to the STATE".

Kind regards. 

Ezequiel Gaston Bianucci 

DNI: 30.083.509 

I leave the link of the complete law is short and easy to understand.

0 personas firmaron. ¡Ayudá a conseguir 15.000!
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