Support the Creation of Living Organ Donor Candidate Registry/Country-wide Opt-out Option

Support the Creation of Living Organ Donor Candidate Registry/Country-wide Opt-out Option

August 14, 2015
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nellie Jacobs

Contrary to wide-spread belief, there is no living organ donor candidate list in North America.

The purpose of this petition is to bring awareness about living kidney donation and to jump-start the creation of a living kidney donor registry-or better yet, a country-wide op-out option.

Only when someone goes on dialysis is he or she automatically added to the bottom of a list of recipients who typically have to wait 7–10 years for a kidney from a donor who has died. Up until now, every person whose kidneys fail must find his or her own living kidney donor. Can you imagine being in such a predicament?

In early January, 2010 my husband Paul’s kidneys failed as a result of polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Since it can be inherited, direct family members were not suitable donors. I volunteered. During the following 11 months Paul underwent dialysis three times a week, five hours each session. Meanwhile, we were each put through a series of tests for compatibility. To our surprise, results indicated my kidneys were an excellent match. On November 25th that year, one of my kidneys was transplanted into Paul—and began working immediately. We thought we were home-free for at least the next 20 years!

Unfortunately, two years ago, our transplanted kidney’s function was compromised by a rare effect of a virus. Since then the outstanding medical staff at the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) has worked diligently to slow down the kidney’s deterioration.

Outcomes for living kidney donors are excellent. Long term studies show that they continue to live normal lives after donation. Our bodies are able to adjust and function quite well with one kidney – I can attest to that as a kidney donor myself. Living donor evaluation includes many tests to help determine that this is the right decision for the donor from a physical, practical and emotional point of view. All donors are seen by a health care team different from that of the recipient to ensure their needs are specifically addressed. Only those who have passed this rigorous evaluation process are accepted as donors. The well-being of the potential donor is never compromised for the sake of the recipient. 

I am first appealing to you to help us find an extraordinary individual who would be willing to donate a kidney to my husband Paul. My hope with this petition, however, is not only to benefit Paul but also other kidney patients in need of a transplant. It’s time to create a living kidney donor candidate registry!

Please help. Spread the word: forward this appeal/petition to your network of family, friends, colleagues, associations and organizations.

Just imagine thousands upon thousands of potential recipients set free from their dialysis machines, from their restricted lives and diets-now able to work, travel and vacation - and from the daunting task/additional stress of searching for a donor.

Just imagine educating potential donors about sharing their gift of freedom so those experiencing kidney failure can live a more "normal" life.

Are you waiting for a kidney transplant?

Do you know someone experiencing kidney failure or on dialysis?

Have you been, or do you expect to be, a kidney donor? Are you, or do you expect to be, a kidney recipient?

Do you know someone who is a kidney donor or recipient?

Please sign this petition and forward the link to your networks. Let's gather thousands of signatures to send to:

* Media outlets - to raise awareness and publicize our cause  

* Relevant government agencies and non-profit kidney organizations - to support the establishment and maintenance of a living kidney donor registry

-Nellie Jacobs

Attention: Media/Government Health Agencies/Kidney Associations  

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Signatures: 415Next Goal: 500
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