COVID Psychosis Needs Action Now!

COVID Psychosis Needs Action Now!

March 31, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Price

My family is grieving the tragic loss of my husband, Ben Price. After coming down with COVID-19 this past February, Ben became increasingly paranoid and panicked. Sixteen days after his diagnosis, he left home and took his own life.

His loss has shaken us to the core. Ben was a loving husband and father, devoted son, brother, uncle and an amazing friend to many. He has two beautiful children that were his entire world. He was a successful businessman, farmer and a staple in our community. Ben was thriving in life and would never leave this way under normal circumstances.

We now know that Ben was experiencing COVID psychosis and not just COVID brain fog. 

Since coming forward with my husband's story, people from all over have reached out to share their own experiences with mental health concerns related to COVID-19. Several medical professionals have confirmed to me that they are in fact seeing COVID psychosis in their patients, but had not yet heard of it. It is time to move past the triage phase and focus on what COVID-19 is doing to the brain.

Along with my family and friends, I am now on a crusade to spread awareness and spare others the immense grief we are all feeling. With expert input and national media attention, our hope is other people experiencing this horrifying condition will be able to access treatment before it’s too late.

We are asking the Biden-Harris administration to add a neurology expert to the White House Coronavirus Task Force to investigate COVID psychosis. 

Our progress so far is promising: I had a meeting with Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, who has now added COVID psychosis to the Illinois COVID Task Force. Governor Pritzker forwarded Ben’s story to the White House, and the COVID-19 Intergovernmental Affairs Director contacted me to speak in greater length about what happened. I will continue to communicate with him on this topic and demand action. 

Please keep sharing this petition with your networks. Our family and so many other American families need our leaders to be informed by strong medical guidance that will save lives. 

Ben’s death could have been prevented, but we can save others from suffering what he did. Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Price


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Signatures: 23,809Next Goal: 25,000
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