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Paterson Plank Light Rail Crossing - Change the Traffic Pattern and Light

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Since I have been living in Jersey City Heights any vehicle driving on Paterson Plank road to or from Hoboken that has had to cross the lightrail tracks has been stuck, waiting. We have all had to wait the 10-15 minutes when the lightrail is off schedule or it says a train is coming but doesn't.  And we all see the light at Ravine and Harrison St. change and we are still stuck waiting. 

What happens when we are sitting at the light?

  1. Sign "train coming" will flash and no train is in sight
  2. Sign "train coming" will flash and a train will come and then the light will not change
  3. The light will just stay red and because a train is coming it cycles through the light pattern and restarts each time. 
  4. Multiple trains comes in a row that are off schedule

Buses that cross the Light Rail at Paterson Plank Road are - 87, 85, and 22x.

The 87 bus is supposed to take 15 minutes from Ferry and Palisade to the Hoboken Terminal and during rush hour will take 30 because we sit at the light for 10 minutes. 

It is time to make a stink about this because the HBLR, they control the track crossing, says no action is needed and Hudson County says ok and they control the lights. We need to keep sending in the complaints to NJ Transit when we sit waiting, but I have decided a petition is need. Due to the bus taking so long I now give my money to a private company and take the jitney every morning. 

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