Lakewood Hills Traffic Improvements

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Councilman Blewett,

This petition is on behalf of the Lakewood Hills Neighborhood Association concerning the unsafe state of our neighborhood streets.

The general increase in traffic on Gaston Avenue has directly resulted in excessive cut-through traffic in the Lakewood Hills neighborhood—Clayton Avenue, Casa Loma Avenue, Coronado Avenue, and La Vista Drive. The cut-through traffic is steady, fast, and generally fails to observe to the rule of law. As traffic volume increases on a neighborhood street so too does vehicle speed, accident frequency, noise, and even crime. It has resulted in an unsafe environment for all Lakewood Hills residents, particularly our children. Something must be done immediately.

Accordingly, we are respectfully requesting that the following traffic improvements to increase safety be implemented:  

1) The speed limit throughout Lakewood Hills neighborhood be reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph;[1]

2) Stop signs installed to complete four way stops on Tucker, Loving, West Shore and Auburn at Clayton, Casa Loma, Coronado and La Vista; and

3) All speed bumps on La Vista be repaired and replaced as necessary. 

Please let us know how we can work together to enact change quickly.


The Lakewood Hills Neighborhood Association

[1] A pedestrian is nearly twice as likely to die if struck by a car traveling at 30 mph compared to 20 mph. See Making Neighborhood Streets Safer, Community and Environmental Defense Services, January 23, 2021,