We Are In Danger of Losing the Global Battle for Child Safety

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You may not realize it, but the European Union is about to surrender in the worldwide battle to protect children if you don’t join the fight right now.   

On Dec. 21, 2020, a law in the European Union called the e-Privacy Directive will stop the use of technology that helps identify child sexual exploitation online, including known images of child sexual abuse. These tools are critical to efforts to protect and rescue these children, but this important work will be forced to stop without action from the European Parliament.  Tech companies must be allowed to continue to use these critical tools.

At the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), we believe privacy is important but not more important than the hundreds of thousands of children in Europe and around the world that will be left to suffer without hope of rescue.   We know this issue is hard to talk about, but the numbers cannot be ignored. NCMEC has received more than 82 million reports of child sexual exploitation. What’s worse - facing this uncomfortable reality - or knowing that this horrific abuse is happening but never hearing about it at all?  

You can help by signing this petition urging the members of Parliament to find a solution that puts child safety first. Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues and let the EU Parliament know that the world is watching.

For more information about this important issue and how you can help, visit missingkids.org/childsafetyfirst.